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Thu May 5 05:20:39 PDT 2011

Alberto and all, hello.

On 2011 May 4, at 22:23, Alberto Accomazzi wrote:

> Related to this, I would suggest a presentation on the document that Norman Gray has authored on the use of long-term URIs in astronomy and a discussion on whether the IVOA should do anything to endorse solutions or best practices related to this.

I'd be delighted to give such a presentation.  I'll make sure to leave plenty of time for discussion, because I think that's mostly what's needed at this point.

The document I produced is at <>.  It's incomplete, and spends more time discussing the problem than on the (unfortunately multiple) available solutions.  For interest, there are two very useful summaries of persistent identifiers at:


See you in Naples.  All the best,


Norman Gray  :
Dept Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK

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