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Fri Feb 7 11:09:26 PST 2003

The main reference point for this is of course CDS but you can find some AstroGrid
documents on UCDs

One obvious starting point is what we have learnt from the AVO First Light
Demo.  My first thought is that it is very useful when you can answer a
query by a partial UCD, e.g. plotting anything with a REDSHIFT whether it
is REDSHIFT_PHOT or REDSHIFT_HC etc; or PHOT_*_V where * can be JHN or
COUS or MAG or .... (e.g. in Aladin, for filters or for the SED tool..)

However you also need to be able to track how much uncertainty you are
introducing (as well as using the more exact UCD if you want of course) -
e.g. any old PHOT_MAG_V might do as part of a radio-to-x-ray SED but not
for fine inter-optical comparisons.

So any restructuring of UCDs should take this into account.



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