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Thu Jul 3 07:45:31 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2 Jul 2008, Mark Taylor wrote:

> Looks great Luigi.  I certainly haven't given it a thorough workout,
> but initial tests show it cooperating happily with my java code.
> I'll let you know about further results when I've got some.

Hi Luigi,

I think there's a problem with calls from the sampy hub to clients.
For instance I am receiving the XML-RPC call samp.client.recieveNotification
with two parameters, which look like the application's public ID and
the message structure.  At sec 4.2, the specification says:

    3. All other hub and client methods take the private-key as
       their first argument.

so I think that you should be inserting the private-key as the first
argument of your receiveNotification calls from hub to client
(and possibly other hub to client calls too, I haven't checked these).


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