Luigi Paioro luigi at
Thu Jul 3 08:20:38 PDT 2008

> Hi Luigi,
> I think there's a problem with calls from the sampy hub to clients.
> For instance I am receiving the XML-RPC call 
> samp.client.recieveNotification
> with two parameters, which look like the application's public ID and
> the message structure.  At sec 4.2, the specification says:
>    3. All other hub and client methods take the private-key as
>       their first argument.
> so I think that you should be inserting the private-key as the first
> argument of your receiveNotification calls from hub to client
> (and possibly other hub to client calls too, I haven't checked these).
> Mark

Hi Mark,

   well, you're right, sampy just sends two parameters: sender-id (which 
is the sender application public ID) and messages.

Reading the specification you mentioned actually it seems that I should 
also send a private-key... right, but... which private-key? The receiver 
private-key? This is useless... clients know their private-key. The 
sender private-key? Absolutely no, otherwise the clients reveal their 
hub/client communication secret code. The samp.hub-id? Maybe, just to 
let the client verify that the XML-RPC call actually is performed by the 
hub and not by an intruder. Am I right?

Thank you Mark for your testing.


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