Luigi Paioro luigi at
Fri Jul 4 02:00:58 PDT 2008

> This serves two purposes:
>    1. since only the hub and the client know the private-key, it proves
>       to the client that the call is coming from the hub and not from
>       an intruder (the samp.hub-id is not sufficient for this, since
>       other clients know it too)
>    2. it's true that clients know their own private-key, but passing it
>       in calls may be necessary if multiple clients are sharing the
>       same XML-RPC server to handle callbacks.  In most cases each
>       client will run its own XML-RPC server, but there might be
>       situations where a single process wants to register as several
>       different clients without running multiple different XML-RPC
>       servers for some reason.
> Mark


   I've just updated sampy with the last bugs fixed. Now, it should be 
more compliant with SAMP specifics and interoperable with your Java 
implementation. It is not yet stable, but you can get it always at the 
same http address.

Thanks again for your aid.


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