SAMP v1.0 WD published

Alasdair Allan aa at
Mon Jul 7 06:34:11 PDT 2008

Mark Taylor wrote:
> As there have been no comments on the draft I posted to the apps-samp
> list a couple of weeks ago, I assume everyone is happy - good.

Sorry, I've been rather ill the last few weeks...

> It would be great to see people starting to implement this now,
> or in the case of Alasdair and Thomas modifying their existing
> implementations to match the 1.0 WD version.

...I'm back to work on this now, so I should have a revised version  
of the Perl Hub and client test suite available this week (unless  
something comes up).

However looking at the WD I'm worried by the removal of getHubId( ).

I can't remember whether I argued for or against this, and I know  
that the hub-id is now returned on registration. However this means  
that if you have a client that needs to know the hub-id, the client  
(probably?) needs to keep some sort of state and can't just do a  
quick request to the Hub to find this out. This complicates clients.

Perhaps we should leave in getHubId( ) intact?

However I've got no strong feelings either way...


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