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Mark Taylor m.b.taylor at
Mon Jul 7 06:47:17 PDT 2008

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Alasdair Allan wrote:

> Sorry, I've been rather ill the last few weeks...
>> It would be great to see people starting to implement this now,
>> or in the case of Alasdair and Thomas modifying their existing
>> implementations to match the 1.0 WD version.
> ...I'm back to work on this now, so I should have a revised version of the 
> Perl Hub and client test suite available this week (unless something comes 
> up).

excellent (and hope you're fully recovered)

> However looking at the WD I'm worried by the removal of getHubId( ).
> I can't remember whether I argued for or against this, and I know that the 
> hub-id is now returned on registration. However this means that if you have a 
> client that needs to know the hub-id, the client (probably?) needs to keep 
> some sort of state and can't just do a quick request to the Hub to find this 
> out. This complicates clients.
> Perhaps we should leave in getHubId( ) intact?

I can't remember which way you voted, but we did have a vote on this
in Trieste and agreed to take it out in favour of returning that 
information from the registration call.

Yes the client now needs to keep some state if it's going to need the
hub ID later - but it's only one string per hub registration, and the
client already needs to keep at least one string per hub registration 
anyway (the private key) so I really don't think it counts as much in 
the way of complication.

> However I've got no strong feelings either way...



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