SAMP v1.0 WD published

Alasdair Allan aa at
Mon Jul 7 09:57:00 PDT 2008


Alasdair Allan wrote:
> I can't remember whether I argued for or against this...

In your list of changes you have

* call(), callAndWait() - now returning msg-id

I'm presuming that should be "call(), callAll()"...?

In which case, how can callAll( ) return a single msg-id?

Surely each message generated by the Hub intended for each client  
will have a separate msg-id. Or are you arguing here for a single msg- 
id for all of the copies of the message passed on from the client by  
the Hub. In other words, messages going to different (end) clients  
(from the originating client, via the hub) all with the same id...?  
In which case I'd argue that's a bad thing...

Confused... can you tell me what's intended here? Previously this  
wasn't a constrain in the specification. Is this an oversight, an  
unintended consequence, or did you actually mean to do this?


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