SAMP Perl Hub (Alpha Release)

Alasdair Allan aa at
Wed Jul 9 04:58:26 PDT 2008

Alasdair Allan wrote:
> I've just brought my Perl Hub and test clients into line with the  
> post-Trieste Working Draft document Mark pushed to the list at the  
> tail end of June. Both the Perl Hub and the clients have been  
> tested with Mark's Java SAMP kit pre-release and Luigi's SAMPY  
> alpha 1 release.
> The code is available from the following URLs,
> and is released under the GPL.

The Hub is now available as a binary for x86_64 Linux and OSX, just  
download the relevant zip file from the URL below, unzip and run it.  
There should be no external dependancies, the sticky lump should  
include everything you need. See,


This is the first time I've generally distributed Perl code in this  
fashion, so I'd be interested in knowing how people get on with it,  
and how divergent the architectures get before it stops working  
entirely. Theoretically at least, the OSX binary should work under  
Tiger and Leopard.


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