chmod 600 equivalent for MS Windows

Mark Taylor m.b.taylor at
Mon Jul 14 08:18:39 PDT 2008

If there's anyone out there who knows about Microsoft Windows,

(I'm hoping Luigi might, since he was able to answer about %USERPROFILE%)

I'm writing Java code which should ensure that the .samp lockfile
cannot be read by anyone other than the owner of that file.
Although there is a method

in Java which can do the trick, it is only available from Java 1.6,
and I'd like to provide a fallback for earlier JVMs.

On Un*x I can call out to the OS and invoke a command like:

    Runtime.exec( new String[] { "chmod", "600", filename } );

Does anybody know if this is possible for some/any/all versions of
MS Windows, and if so, how I should phrase the command?



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