JSAMP v0.1

Mark Taylor m.b.taylor at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Jul 31 06:28:08 PDT 2008

Dear SAMPers,

This is to announce the initial public relase of JSAMP, a Java toolkit
for Simple Applications Messaging Protocol.  It contains classes 
which Java application developers can use to SAMPify their applications, 
a hub implementation suitable for standalone or embedded use, and a 
hub test suite, which I hope the authors of other hub implementations 
will use to check their hubs.  It also contains some diagnostic tools 
such as a graphical hub monitor which will probably be of use 
to anyone working with SAMP, even in languages other than Java.

I believe the toolkit to be reasonably complete, robust and and 
well-documented (but tell me if you find different!)



for documentation and downloads.  Any feedback is welcome.


Mark Taylor   Astronomical Programmer   Physics, Bristol University, UK
m.b.taylor at bris.ac.uk +44-117-928-8776 http://www.star.bris.ac.uk/~mbt/

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