Roy Williams roy at cacr.caltech.edu
Sun Jun 10 08:23:37 PDT 2007

Dear Dal and DM People

At a meeting last week, a small group of influential astronomers sat 
down to build a "simple and effective common format for Time Series". 
Something like magnitude vs time for a source.  Of course I told them 
about all the work in the Virtual Observatory, but they said those 
standards are too complicated and they just want something simple. Then 
the discussion showed that time series are complicated things and there 
was a fistfight over leap seconds etc etc ...

So I write to ask for an actual example of a Time Series that is written 
with the Spectrum and/or Characterization data models. Something that is 
simple, just a few magnitudes and times. Does anybody have such a thing 
that I can send around to these astronomers and say "look how useful the 
IVOA standards can be!".

Thank you

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