UWS as a REST protocol

Guy Rixon gtr at ast.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 26 07:43:11 PST 2007


there has been a lot of debate recently in the industry about SOAP vs. REST as
the basis of web services.  I've written an IVOA Note on how UWS might be
presented as a REST service: please see


Based on the worked examples in the note, and on a prototype I'm working on,
the chances for making a good, RESTful UWS are high. I reckon it would be more
useful - simpler, easier, more-generally applicable - than a SOAP-based
protocol. In particular, I like the idea of adding UWS options to protocols
like SIAP and TAP without lathering them up.

My personal preference is to work, from here on, just on the RESTful form of
UWS and to abandon the SOAP version. Since, AFAIK, I'm the only one who has
writen any SOAP UWS code I think this should be OK. Please let me know your


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