next generation of Sky in Google Earth

Pierre Fernique fernique at
Thu Jan 17 00:17:18 PST 2008

Dear VO members,

I would like to bring the discussion to another point related to the VO 
and Google Sky/WWT.

I would like to ask to Google sky team and Microsoft WWT team if it is 
possible to create my own client accessing their image data base. For 
instance, if I want to add a dedicated Aladin layer displaying the HTM 
sky background images from Microsoft data base, or the sector base sky 
background images from Google, could I ? 1) Is there open standards for
that and I can develop my own client ? 2) Could I have to plug a kind of 
proprietary libraries in Aladin ? 3) Or perhaps it is not possible at 
all (technically ? strategically ? no documented ?) Obviously, the first 
solution will be the best for my VO point of view.

I really appreciate to offer to Aladin users these astronomical data. 
Exactly in a symetric way that WWT and Google Sky use Simbad opened 
standards (object resolver, ...), or VizieR catalog access, and other VO 

Pierre Fernique

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