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Thu Jan 17 06:14:28 PST 2008

Hi Pierre,
I can give you a quick partial answer and get back to you with a fuller
answer when I've checked with the Sky team.  Firstly, you already have VO
access to the base imagery!  It's just DSS imagery with SDSS blended in
where we have it, and some Hubble on top of that.  But you probably knew
that.  The next way you can get access to it for your own use is through the
Google Maps API - it takes about 4 lines of javascript to put the maps on
your own website.   As for using this in Aladin, maybe someone could make
use of it via Java 6's ability to run javascript?  I'm just speculating
here...I don't know if it can be done.
I'll get back to you with a fuller answer later Pierre,


On Jan 17, 2008 3:17 AM, Pierre Fernique <fernique at>

> Dear VO members,
> I would like to bring the discussion to another point related to the VO
> and Google Sky/WWT.
> I would like to ask to Google sky team and Microsoft WWT team if it is
> possible to create my own client accessing their image data base. For
> instance, if I want to add a dedicated Aladin layer displaying the HTM
> sky background images from Microsoft data base, or the sector base sky
> background images from Google, could I ? 1) Is there open standards for
> that and I can develop my own client ? 2) Could I have to plug a kind of
> proprietary libraries in Aladin ? 3) Or perhaps it is not possible at
> all (technically ? strategically ? no documented ?) Obviously, the first
> solution will be the best for my VO point of view.
> I really appreciate to offer to Aladin users these astronomical data.
> Exactly in a symetric way that WWT and Google Sky use Simbad opened
> standards (object resolver, ...), or VizieR catalog access, and other VO
> access..
> Pierre Fernique
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