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When I asked this question of Ryan Scranton at the Cambridge interop  
the official answer was *NO* - The reason for the "no" answer was a  
legal one to do with the agreement between Google and Sloan. Of course  
there is VO access to the original source data, but I think that the  
intention of Pierre's original question was to be able to take  
advantage of the superior speed, reliability etc. of the Google servers.


On 2008-01 -17, at 14:14, John Taylor wrote:

> Hi Pierre,
> I can give you a quick partial answer and get back to you with a  
> fuller answer when I've checked with the Sky team.  Firstly, you  
> already have VO access to the base imagery!  It's just DSS imagery  
> with SDSS blended in where we have it, and some Hubble on top of  
> that.  But you probably knew that.  The next way you can get access  
> to it for your own use is through the Google Maps API - it takes  
> about 4 lines of javascript to put the maps on your own website.    
> As for using this in Aladin, maybe someone could make use of it via  
> Java 6's ability to run javascript?  I'm just speculating here...I  
> don't know if it can be done.
> I'll get back to you with a fuller answer later Pierre,
> John
> On Jan 17, 2008 3:17 AM, Pierre Fernique <fernique at simbad.u- 
> > wrote:
> Dear VO members,
> I would like to bring the discussion to another point related to the  
> VO
> and Google Sky/WWT.
> I would like to ask to Google sky team and Microsoft WWT team if it is
> possible to create my own client accessing their image data base. For
> instance, if I want to add a dedicated Aladin layer displaying the HTM
> sky background images from Microsoft data base, or the sector base sky
> background images from Google, could I ? 1) Is there open standards  
> for
> that and I can develop my own client ? 2) Could I have to plug a  
> kind of
> proprietary libraries in Aladin ? 3) Or perhaps it is not possible at
> all (technically ? strategically ? no documented ?) Obviously, the  
> first
> solution will be the best for my VO point of view.
> I really appreciate to offer to Aladin users these astronomical data.
> Exactly in a symetric way that WWT and Google Sky use Simbad opened
> standards (object resolver, ...), or VizieR catalog access, and  
> other VO
> access..
> Pierre Fernique

Dr. Paul Harrison
JBCA, Manchester University

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