next generation of Sky in Google Earth

Alasdair Allan aa at
Tue Jan 22 05:52:20 PST 2008

Rob Seaman wrote:
> ...via something like the AAS VOEvent demo.  For those who didn't  
> see it, this was two LEGO telescopes talking via bluetooth - the  
> motions of one (an RNG) were mimicked by the other.

You got it working? Oh well done... you need a YouTube video of this  
we can link to Rob!

> In short - build a comprehensive mission statement, but rely on  
> pointed demonstrations of targeted technologies.

It's what I do with eSTAR and is the only way its still around. You  
need to have the "shiny shiny" right up front to dangle infront of  
funding committees. Actual backend infrastructure that enables the  
shiny stuff isn't interesting to anyone, including the people that  
write it.


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