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Peter Quinn pjq at
Thu Apr 24 13:08:17 PDT 2003

Thanks Tony!

  I'll try to review these in detail over the weekend but looks to be the
right direction to go at this time...


On 24/4/03 9:54 PM, "Tony Linde" <ael at> wrote:

> I've finally got around to coming up with a document layout as promised to
> the Registry Working Group.
> However, what I've put together (or hacked together) is a process and layout
> that I think the IVOA should adopt for all its publications, so I'm copying
> this to the exec mailing list as well.
> I started out trying to adapt the GGF document process and layout but ended
> up twisting my brain inside out to get different types of document to fit
> all the category permutations. I gave up on the weekend and have gone with
> the W3C standards instead.
> I've used the W3C 'Consortium Process Document':
> and have so far only adapted section 5, 'Technical Reports':
> I think we also need section 8, 'Member Submission Process':
> but can debate how much of the rest of the document is needed.
> I could not get at the document layout standards as they're in a
> 'members-only' area so I took one of the OWL documents, 'Web Ontology
> Language Reference':
> and adapted that to our needs. I've not written instructions, just knocked
> up a sample document but we can come up with proper layout instructions if
> people are happy with this example.
> The attached zip file contains two html files:
> IVOA-Doc-Process.html
> WD-RegQueryLang-20030421.html
> and supporting css and image files.
> The first is the process document and the second the sample layout. I've
> rewritten all of the process document, conflating five steps to three and
> cutting and revising other stuff but most of the sample is garbage with just
> enough headings and links to make it obvious what a real document should
> look like. There are probably still broken and inappropriate links in both -
> please ignore them.
> The process document mentions a Technical Director (TD) and Technical
> Advisory Group (TAG). The TD fulfils the role of IVOA 'keeper of the
> architectural vision' as well as chief editor for all publications. The TAG
> is a review group for documents. I've deliberately not stated the
> composition of either the role or group - I'll look for suggestions from the
> Exec for that.
> So, what do people think?
> Cheers,
> Tony. 
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