RWP04: Registry Replication

Elizabeth Auden eca at
Fri Apr 25 09:57:13 PDT 2003

> How about if we have three types of registry:
> 1. full: will attempt to maintain a full list of all resources on the VO
> 2. limited: lists only resources of interest to a specific community
> 3. private: only lists the resources at that location; not queryable
> Type 1 and 2 registries must maintain a full list of all other registries on
> the VO.


> If anyone has managed to get this far down, how does this sound?

Since one of the cardinal "Is it a grid?" tests is non-centralized
control, the full registries would have to be mirrored.  Any institution
taking on the responsbility for a mirrored full registry would need to
ensure they have the people, funds, storage space, and security against
illegitimate registry entries.  A network of limited registries sounds
less scary for upkeep, but, as Tony said, the full registries would reduce
the complexity of "all" type queries.  (I hope I didn't just repeat what's
already been said.)


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