Schedule for interop week

Tony Linde ael at
Mon Apr 28 09:25:10 PDT 2003

We need to pull together a schedule for the interoperability week. Pierre
has indicated that he wants to give a presentation - does anyone else also
want to do this?

We have all day Wednesday available, though I'll be out during the AVO Exec
meeting in the afternoon.

On Thursday we have 2 hours to present the work package draft documents.

As a starter for discussion, how about the following:

09:30		Rwp02: draft specs presentation	Mark
09:50		Rwp03: draft specs presentation	Ray
10:10		Rwp04: draft specs presentation	Keith

10:30 BREAK

11:00		Rwp02: discussion				Mark
11:30		Rwp03: discussion				Ray
12:00		Rwp04: discussion				Keith

12:30		Rwp01: presentation & discussion	Tony

13:00	LUNCH

14:00		Presentations from individuals
		 - Pierre
		 - ???

15:00		Carry on RwpNN discussions		Bob
		 to redraft specs

??:??	BACK to hotels to rewrite presentations!!

09:00		Rwp01: presentation & questions		Tony
09:15		Rwp02: presentation & questions		Mark
09:45		Rwp03: presentation & questions		Ray
10:15		Rwp04:: presentation & questions		Keith
10:45		General feedback & discsussion		Bob

*PLEASE NOTE: every WP must have distributed their draft specification to
the mailing list and posted it onto their wiki page by 12:00 noon Friday 9th
May. People should come to the meeting with specific questions, having read
the papers.

How does this sound?


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