RWP04: Registry Replication

Wil O'Mullane womullan at
Wed Apr 30 06:30:32 PDT 2003

> we have a simple example XML query (below) upon which I would welcome
> everyone's comments. We are looking into XQuery/XPath, but that might
> not be appropriate for the current iteration of AstroGrid. Again, your
> comments would be welcome.

So why not just use the SQL - it is already a fairly standard query language ?
Converting the query to XML just for the sake of having XML seems rather pointless.
If we are converging on the full/private model then the schema's of the full registries should be the same. Now running ahead a little assuming the obvious implementation for a searchable set of records is to use a relational database it
would process SQL directly..
we have been playing with this a little and made a web service to support a 
predicate  like " Publisher like'%Roy%' and Subject like '%Optical%' or Subject like '%Radio%' "

Normally we would expect this to be called in code although you may invoke it using a form  also

Also I feel a WebService is the best way to access something like this - making it easy to build registry queries into any other apps we are making...


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