RWP04: Registry Replication

Tony Linde ael at
Wed Apr 30 09:10:37 PDT 2003

> Our JVO prototype is now running, and uses SQL to interface 

We're restricting the AstroGrid queries in the first instance to what can be
done with drop-down boxes, checkboxes etc, so it is easier to construct the
query in xml, pass it to whatever needs to use it (resource registry, data
source) and let it decode to the appropriate form (SQL in the case of


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> Wil,
> I fully agree with you.
> At 09:30 03/04/30 -0400, Wil O'Mullane wrote:
> >So why not just use the SQL - it is already a fairly standard query 
> >language ? Converting the query to XML just for the sake of 
> having XML 
> >seems rather pointless. If we are converging on the 
> full/private model 
> >then the schema's of the full registries should be the same. Now 
> >running ahead a little assuming the obvious implementation for a 
> >searchable set of records is to use a relational database it
> >would process SQL directly..
> Our JVO prototype is now running, and uses SQL to interface 
> to each relational database.  We adopted this to minimize our 
> effort to prepare modules between our JVO system and existing 
> databases.  And we adopted some Web service functions to 
> manage metadata (registry), and it is working quite well.
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