definition of registry

Elizabeth Auden eca at
Wed Apr 30 10:06:32 PDT 2003

> > Registry: (noun) a dynamically updatable database containing
> > metadata about and contained by resources available to a
> > grid. A single registry may be one of a network of mutually
> > queriable registries.
> What does 'and contained by' mean?

Metadata "about" resources: basic and curation metadata (id, name, title,
contact, location, etc)

Metadata "contained by" resources: metadata contained in the data archive,
data processor, data storage, etc.  This is the dreaded "metadataFormat".
If the resource were a star catalogue, the "contained by" metadata would
be ramax, coordinates, wavelength, magnitude, etc.  I would really like a
better way to express this concept.


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