RWP04: Registry Replication

Masatoshi OHISHI masatoshi.ohishi at
Wed Apr 30 20:04:38 PDT 2003

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your comment.

At 17:10 03/04/30 +0100, Tony Linde wrote:
> > Our JVO prototype is now running, and uses SQL to interface
>We're restricting the AstroGrid queries in the first instance to what can be
>done with drop-down boxes, checkboxes etc, so it is easier to construct the
>query in xml, pass it to whatever needs to use it (resource registry, data
>source) and let it decode to the appropriate form (SQL in the case of

I need to add another one. In the JVO prototype, we prepare and input
a query described by our JVOQL onto a user interface running on a PC.
The user interface program, then, sends the query to another machine,
the JVO Controller, and the Controller parses the query into individual
SQLs before passing them to each database servsers.

As you already found, it is difficult to ask general users to describe
their queries by the JVOQL / SQL/ or whatever, and we are now
developing a GUI similar to yours.

Therefore our approaches are almost similar, with a minor difference on
language to describe query.



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