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Franck Le Petit Franck.LePetit at
Sat May 3 08:28:51 PDT 2008

	Dear Alasdair and others of the Semantics WG,

	We are building a vocabulary that will be used in the Simulation  
Datamodel.  Semantics is required for several "keywords":
	- Physical processes
	- Algorithms
	- Simulated Object
	- ...

	An idea was, on one hand to use A&A keywords for Physical Processes  
(eventually to complete it ) and, on the other hand, to use The  
Ontology of Astronomical Objects (for Simulated Object). We would also  
have to do our own vocabulary for Algorithms.

	Up to now we have several lists of keywords.

	May you tell me what is the best way to implement this ? Should we  
do .RDF files ? And if yes, is there any tool to do it easily, I mean  
to facilitate the entries and the relationships between words ?

	Best regards

Franck Le Petit
LUTH - Observatoire de Paris
5 Place Jules Janssen
92190 Meudon
Tel: (33) 1 45 07 75 66

Le 30 avr. 08 à 11:04, Alasdair Gray a écrit :

> Hi,
> Here is a second attempt to send this mail to the semantics list,  
> apologies if the first one finally makes it through for some reason.
> To support the work on the Working Draft, "Vocabularies in the  
> Virtual Observatory < 
> >", I have developed a web service that:
>  * Allows a user to search for concepts in the vocabularies by
>    entering keywords
>  * Navigate through the returned concepts and explore the
>    relationships between the concepts
> The service is available from
> The service uses the five vocabularies < 
> > published with the working draft together with one mapping file  
> that relates the concepts of the A&A Keywords to the AOIM. The  
> mapping file is available from
> Any comments or feedback about the service is appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Alasdair

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