Vocabularies document: update and plan

Andrea Preite Martinez andrea.preitemartinez at iasf-roma.inaf.it
Thu May 15 01:25:45 PDT 2008

Hello Norman,

Quoting Norman Gray <norman at astro.gla.ac.uk>:

> in the final version of the Recommendation, this would instead be  
> something like <http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/vocabularies/AAkeys>, though  
> I'd want to consult  with Bruno.

I thought you already talked to Bruno in Strasbourg. Is there a  
problem in creating an RDF repository at ivoa.net ?

> The SKOS standard isn't yet complete.  The core of it is unlikely to
> change, and I get the impression that most of the discussion about the
> core concerns rather arcane subtleties of the RDF semantics.  These are
> important, but are unlikely to have an impact on our use of, and
> reference to, the SKOS standard.  It would not be appropriate to have
> the vocabularies document become an IVOA Rec when its principal
> reference is still a W3C working draft, so I propose that we
> essentially finalise the document in Trieste, but leave it as a working
> draft until the SKOS standard is a W3C Rec, along with a more-or-less
> explicit commitment not to change it before PR.

I explicitly asked the EXEC (meeting sunday 18) for an advice on these  
I agree on the default route.

> So, PLAN:
> 1. In Trieste, we work through the list of outstanding issues (URL
> above), and make the various 'proposed resolutions' there into formal
> resolutions, either by acclamation or by vote.  That will leave only
> [mappings-6] outstanding.
> 2. We agree, or not, that the resolutions of the issues are adequately
> reflected in the document text.
> 3. We agree a version of the document which is final enough that it can
> be made a PR as soon as the SKOS reference becomes a W3C Rec.
> 4. Unless it's clear that the SKOS mappings support will be
> standardised at the same time as the core support, we don't standardise
> anything about mappings in this version of the document.

In the first session I'll introduce the discussion starting from the  
points in the OpenIssues Note. All of them, to be sure that we really  
agree on the solutions proposed.

Best wishes,


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