Fwd: interop session swap

Andrea Preite Martinez andrea.preitemartinez at iasf-roma.inaf.it
Thu May 15 01:54:31 PDT 2008

Quoting Séverin Gaudet <severin.gaudet at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>:

> Andrea, Sebastien
> Is Gerard's request to swap the Theory: Micro-simulations and
> Semantics and Semantics: Semantics Use Cases sessions acceptable to you?
> Séverin

OK for Semantics, we both (APM, SD) agree.

So Semantics Session 1 will move
from Monday 16:30-18:00
to  Tuesday  9:00-10:30


>> Hi Gerard
>> Given that the previous suggestion for a swap has been turned down,  
>>   I am trying again. Another possible choice is to swap with the    
>> Semantics: Semantics Use Cases session on Monday 16:30–18:00. I   
>> have  cc'ed Andrea and if he accepts, then we could update the   
>> program  with the following:
>> 	Monday 16:30–18:00
>> 		Oceania AB:		Apps: SAMP 1
>> 		Vulcania 1:		Theory: Micro-simulations and Semantics
>> 	Tuesday 9:00–10:30
>> 		Oceania AB:		DAL: TAP
>> 		Vulcania 1:		Semantics: Semantics Use Cases

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