Vocabularies document: update and plan

Norman Gray norman at astro.gla.ac.uk
Thu May 15 03:49:56 PDT 2008

Andrea, hello.

On 2008 May 15, at 09:25, Andrea Preite Martinez wrote:

>> in the final version of the Recommendation, this would instead be  
>> something like <http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/vocabularies/AAkeys>,  
>> though I'd want to consult  with Bruno.
> I thought you already talked to Bruno in Strasbourg. Is there a  
> problem in creating an RDF repository at ivoa.net ?

We did talk there, but the solution we adopted turned out to be  
slightly broken in apache 1.3, which is what ESO were using for www.ivoa.net 
  at the time.  So we decided to revisit it after their upgrade to  
apache 2.x.  That's happened, and I've been able to test the current  
solution in a local apache 2 server, so we should be OK for putting  
that on www.ivoa.net.

I don't think there was any problem in principle about the www.ivoa.net/rdf 
  namespace.  Bruno's simply waiting for us to make another WD  
release, which I think we can do with edits accumulated in Trieste.

>> In the first session I'll introduce the discussion starting from  
>> the points in the OpenIssues Note. All of them, to be sure that we  
>> really agree on the solutions proposed.

Sounds good!

Best wishes,


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