Mapping Metadata

Andrea Preite Martinez andrea.preitemartinez at
Thu May 22 06:43:17 PDT 2008

Quoting Alasdair Gray <agray at>:

> Hi,
> In my talk on Monday I said that we need to decide what metadata
> should be required for a document contain mappings. I suggested the
> following:
> Document creator using dc:creator (after our discussion we suggested
> group collaboration for generating mappings so we would need multiple
> entries here.)
> Publication date using dc:created
> Title which contains the names of the mapped vocabularies using dc:title
> Are there any other suggestions, or disagreements?

Mapping will evolve as the corresponding vocabularies, or independently.
So versioning is necessary. But, as for vocabularies, we will move to  
the repository only the latest version, keeping older  
versions in the wiki-like site.
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