[Fwd: Meeting: VOQL-TEG#4]

Pedro Osuna Pedro.Osuna at sciops.esa.int
Mon Jan 29 08:12:52 PST 2007

Dear all,

thanks to Kona suggestion and mail direction I have created some
proposed meeting dates for the VOQL-TEG#4.

I am not sure at all that I did it properly, but I believe you only have
to visit the following page to give your prefered dates:


I think I can then monitor the status of your responses, and eventually
try to make a proper date.

Please let me know if you have any question, although I am not sure at
all I'll be able to answer it.

Thanks Kona...


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I've proposed a meeting for the dates below. 

Please visit the following web page to fill in your own



Monday 26th February 2007
Tuesday 27th February 2007
Wednesday 28th February 2007
Thursday 1st March 2007
Friday 2nd March 2007
Monday 5th March 2007
Tuesday 6th March 2007
Wednesday 7th March 2007
Thursday 8th March 2007
Friday 9th March 2007
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