VOQL sessions in Beijing and DAL-VOQL joint sessions

Alex Szalay szalay at jhu.edu
Fri May 4 13:35:38 PDT 2007

It exists on MySQl, Oracle, Postgres and DB2, in a basically identical form.


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I could try to talk about the metadata requirements -- but the
information_schema being something existing almost only in SQL server, I
don't feel it would be wise to insist on this solution.

Cheers, francois

>On Friday 04 May 2007 09:28, Pedro Osuna wrote:
>> - Someone to present something on Region discussions
>Benjamin and I have more or less concluded some off-line discussion and 
>come to an agreement on the basic region stuff. I will post something 
>to the list shortly and hopefully Inaki can add it to the document for 
>next week. If it is in the document, everyone will be "on the same 
>page" at the start of the discussion.
>Either of us could lead discussion.
>> - someone to talk on Metadata requirements
>Although I have made some comments petaining to how this will be 
>complex, I am not sure I am reday (or the group would be well-served) 
>by a talk on this. I think it is still at the informal hallway 
>discussion stage. Now, if someone knew quite a lot about infomation 
>schema and wanted to educate and the rest of us, that might be 
>useful... that isn't me though :)
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