VOQL sessions in Beijing and DAL-VOQL joint sessions

Pedro Osuna Pedro.Osuna at sciops.esa.int
Tue May 8 01:44:03 PDT 2007

Dear all,

I have only received a note from Francois kindly volunteering for the
Metadata presentation. I still miss volunteers for the other two (Region
and UDF). 

As I have to send an agenda, I will do it today with the possible names
I proposed the other day. In case the named people can not make it, we
will update things on-the-fly.

In view of the absence of inputs, we might have to remove one of the
VOQL sessions. We will scope that probably during the first meeting.


On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 18:28 +0200, Pedro Osuna wrote:
> Dear all,
> before sending this note to the whole VOQL, the following is the plan
> for the VOQL sessions (two) plus the joint DAL-VOQL sessions (another
> two).
> As you can see, there is a need for volunteers from this group to
> present things. In particular, the following are needed:
> For ADQL sessions:
> - Someone to present something on Region discussions
> - Someone to present something on User Defined Functions definition
> For TAP sessions:
> - someone to talk on Metadata requirements
> Those are marked as TBD in the schedule below.
> There are obvious candidates for some of them, for instance:
> - for Region: Benjamin (or possibly Pat) as per our last meeting action
> - for UDF: Alex
> - for metadata access: Francois, Pat and Alex
> It is really important that you commit to fill some of these "holes" for
> our group. The work we are doing and we have already done is very
> important to the whole IVOA project, and I urge to to please volunteer
> for some of these things.
> In case you are not attending the China meeting, you might find a
> possible substitute to represent your views.
> I would like to send a mail to the whole VOQL list on Monday afternoon,
> so please send me inputs by then.
> Needles to say, should you have any other issue you want to
> discuss/present please let me know.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> P.
> VOQL Session 1
> --------------
> 	I. Ortiz - ADQL Doc review
> 	TDB	 - Region discussion
> VOQL Session 2
> --------------
> 	I. Ortiz  - UTYPE usage in ADQL
> 	TBD 	  - User Defined Functions
> DAL3-VOQL3 Session
> ------------------
>         P. Osuna - TAP introduction (15m?)
>         D. Tody - DAL perspective (45m?)
>         A. Stebe - VOQL perspective (30m?)
> DAL4-VOQL4 Session
> ------------------
>         K. Andrews - Asynchronicity, workflows, and TAP (20m)
>         TBD - Database/table metadata requirements (20m)
>         Discussion (45m)
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