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Clive Page cgp at
Thu Apr 25 06:45:28 PDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Alex Szalay wrote:

> We will soon build a WSDL definition, based on the profile,
> at this point only describing the GET protocol. But indeed
> this is the plan... eventually. Hopefully in the not too
> distant future. Also, I would like to suggest some changes
> in the service:
> (1) break out the email field
> (2) add VERB=0, meaning just a count of objects

Alex et al.

I think that the ASU specification (available from ) is ahead of you, indeed almost
six years ahead of you, since it's dated 19-Sept-1996. See the -out.exists

I guess it's nice to see new wheels being invented, as long as the
inventors are aware of the old wheels already in use, otherwise there may
not be much improvement.

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